we are the creators of fully custom fixed and single speed bicycles. each piece we create is designed specifically for the rider to fit their needs and personality, no two will ever be the same. we use a variety of components vintage and new. we do not create cookie cutter hipster bikes, we do what we do with a nod to tradition and inspiration from outside sources. we will build and ship pretty much anywhere just let us know.

while we prefer to build you something custom, we do occasionally have a few bicycles for sale. see all for sale bicycles below or for custom builds just ask.


NEW BUILD OUT THE DOOR - $38 SPECIAL: When you have a roll up door that goes up to reveal a myriad of bikes hanging fro the ceiling you become known and hopefully not as a target. With that, on the last big trash day a fairly old Schwinn was left in terrible shape at our garage door step. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth we took it upon ourselves to build this frame out in the most affordable way possible. Every part was scrubbed and sanded. Industrial matte black spray paint ($7.50 x 2), Gold spray paint ($7), Oak rod bar ($4), belt for luggage hold down ($2) Chain ($10). 

All totalled our cheapest build ever!!!

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